The law firms of Paris, Ackerman & Schmierer LLP, Nagel Rice, LLP and Carey, Danis & Lowe are currently investigating claims that various credit card companies are engaging in unfair and deceptive trade practices in connection with the sale and administration of their particular debt suspension / debt cancellation plans.

In particular, these companies enroll card members into the Plan without first determining whether the consumer is qualified to ever receive benefits under the Plan.  The result is that card members are paying fees even though they can never receive benefits.

In addition, some companies are enrolling card members into the Plan without their consent or authorization and subsequently charging a recurring monthly fee.

The following is a list of the companies and their respective plans that we are currently investigating:

Credit Card Company Name

Payment Protection Plan Name

American Express

Business Account Protector Program

American Express

Account Protector

Banana Republic

Card Security Program

Bank of America

Credit Protection Plus™

Barclays Bank

Account Protector Program


Payment Protection Plan


Chase Payment Protector Plan


Credit Protector Program


Payment Aid


Payment Aid Plus


Payment Protection Plan


Card Security Program

GE Money Bank Credit Card Payment

Debt Security Protection


Personal Account Protector Plan

Old Navy

Card Security Program

Other Companies

Other Plans

Pentagon Federal Credit Union

Debt Protection


Card Security Program

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Smart Payment PlanSM


You may qualify to act as a class representative in a class action against a company if:


  1. You were enrolled in one of the above plans without your consent; OR


  1. You ever enrolled in one of the above plans and were a senior citizen, a self-employed worker, a part-time worker, a seasonal worker, or had a disability at the time of enrollment or anytime thereafter.


If you would like additional information about this case or are interested in acting as a class representative in a class action against one of the companies in question, please send an e-mail to

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